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Anson Landfill
Responsible Waste Diversion and Disposal

Environmental and Business Leadership

Anson Landfill is committed to being a good neighbor to the residents of Anson County. As such, we take great care to reduce impacts to the community. All employees at Anson Landfill are trained to handle incoming waste in the most environmentally responsible manner. At the end of each workday, waste is always covered to minimize odor.

Anson Landfill's parent company, Waste Connections, recognizes the importance of and commits to minimizing impacts on the environment, investing in employees, and expanding positive impacts on the communities we serve. Waste Connections views sustainability as an integral part of the business. In 2020, we introduced fifteen-year sustainability targets, including generating additional offsets to emissions, increasing resources recovery, and continuing to improve our safety record, voluntary turnover, and Servant Leadership scores. Click here to view theSustainability Plan.

2023 Environmental Initiatives:

• Expand GCCS wellfield

• Begin construction of renewable natural gas plant

• Explore opportunities for bioaugmentation within leachate basin

• Apply seeding to the eastern, northern, and western slopes


Ongoing Environmental Measures:

• Perform monthly monitoring and maintenance on existing landfill gas wells

• Participate in Citizens' Advisory Committee to engage residents of Anson County

• Complete odor tours twice per day and in response to odor complaints, as needed

• Monitor leachate aeration basin and waste container storage areas for odors (every business day)

• Maintain onsite weather station ​ to assist with odor log evaluations

• Manage odiferous waste streams by notifying site personnel at the unloading area to apply cover promptly

• Sequence loads to ensure odorous loads are buried immediately

• Minimize size of the landfill's working face

• Inspect intermediate cover (weekly)

• Perform surface emissions monitoring and remediate issues, as applicable (semi-annually)

• Perform detailed inspection of daily and intermediate cover (bi-monthly)

• Monitor landfill for methane emissions via drone

• Implement Odor Management Plan

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