Repurposing Coal Ash

Coal ash has many uses. Our Subtitle D landfills make sure those uses are safely realized to the benefit of our environment.

Waste Connections Coal Combustion Residuals Program

Putting Coal Ash to Beneficial Use

We view coal combustion residual products as a resource, rather than a waste.

Coal is the fuel source for approximately one-quarter of electricity generation in America and produces large volumes of solid coal combustion products — primarily ash and synthetic gypsum from emissions control devices.

There are many good reasons to view coal combustion products as a resource, rather than a waste. Recycling them conserves natural resources and saves energy. In many cases, products made with CCRs perform better than products made without it. For instance, coal fly ash makes concrete stronger and more durable. It also reduces the need to manufacture cement, resulting in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – about 12 million tons in 2019 alone.

Major uses of coal combustion products include concrete, gypsum wallboard, blasting grit, roofing granules, and a variety of geotechnical and agricultural applications.

Waste Connections Coal Combustion Residuals Program

Beneficial Use of Coal Ash

Waste Connection’s CCR program is based on beneficial use, storage in a CCR subtitle “D” cell for future beneficial use harvesting, and the disposal of CCR materials which can’t be beneficially used into Subtitle “D” landfills with full indemnification.

We can transport CCR materials by rail, barge and/or truck. We work with operating coal burning power plants, closed CCR impoundments and landfills, as well as soon to be regulated legacy sites.

Coal ash, or Coal Combustion Products (CCP), can be beneficially used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Concrete Production: Concrete producers and consumers indicate a desire to use more coal ash. Coal ash improves concrete durability and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with concrete production.
  • Synthetic Gypsum Production: Synthetic gypsum is a byproduct of flue gas desulphurization units, also known as “scrubbers,” located at coal-fueled power plants. Use of synthetic gypsum in panel products (i.e. wallboard). Synthetic gypsum use in agricultural applications – in which the gypsum improves soil conditions and prevents harmful runoff of fertilizers.

Beneficial Use of Coal Ash Resources

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