We Value Safety
Above All

We believe that safety is the responsibility of each and every employee; it is ingrained in our culture.

Waste Connections Coal Combustion Residuals Program

Leadership in Safety

At Waste Connections, Safety is our #1 Operating Value.
Our success has been driven by the development of our managers and supervisors into Servant Leaders and our ability to instill this commitment- based, safety-driven culture across our broader employee base. Servant Leaders are accountable to employees for each employee’s success at work and beyond; safety is an integral component of this commitment. The strong relationship between Servant Leader and employee enables us to utilize observations and tools to develop an employee risk-profile ranking and to facilitate effective communication and behavior coaching. Put simply, the focus on safety is but one of the ways that we invest in our most important asset— our people.

  • 70% Incident Reduction Over 20+ Years
    Embracing our safety-focused, Servant Leadership-driven culture has reduced incident frequency by 70% over our 20+ year history. We obsessively strive for ZERO incidents and are most proud of this accomplishment given its positive impacts on our employees, customers and the communities in which we live and work.

“We believe safety is the greatest testament, that you have a responsibility for your employees and for the communities you operate in. The lower your incident rate, the healthier your company is overall.”

Waste Connections Coal Combustion Residuals Program

What Our Safety-Driven Culture is All About:

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Making safety personal
A personal choice that each of us makes every day.
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Work environments
Creating work environments wherein employees ALWAYS make the safe choice.
Taking safety beyond the workplace and into their home lives.