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Meadowbranch Landfill Responsible Waste Diversion and Disposal

Our Gas-to-Energy Plant Project

Waste Connections' locations are always on the lookout for the most sustainable initiatives within our industry, and our Meadowbranch Landfill is no exception. There, we've partnered with gas and energy companies to develop a process for converting our landfill-produced RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) into energy to be used by the surrounding communities. For more information on this project, see below. And to explore our other sustainability efforts, please check out our Sustainability resources.

The Meadowbranch Landfill RNG Facility

The RNG facility at Meadowbranch Landfill captures gas produced by the landfill and upgrades it to pipeline-quality gas that can be used by any natural gas appliance or other end-user, creating a simple and cost-effective solution for consumers.

In 2020 alone, the facility produced enough RNG to service about 3,400 homes for a year. Using this instead of geological gas avoids wasting nearly 18,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. To put that in perspective, it would require 22,000 acres of forest to abate that much carbon dioxide over the same period of time.

But what​ is​ RNG?

RNG is a sustainable gas produced from naturally occurring methane emitted from landfills. RNG repurposes organic waste, making it carbon-neutral


RNG facilities that capture methane from landfills, such as the Meadow Branch RNG facility, have cross-sector environmental benefits, impacting emissions from both the waste management and natural gas industries.

Other Benefits of RNG Include:

Carbon Neutrality: RNG projects remove more emissions from the environment than they produce.


Waste Reduction: RNG can be a part of a practical solution to address our growing waste problem, converting that waste into fuel.


Abundance: It's estimated that enough RNG could be produced to meet nearly all the natural gas demand in the United States.


Resiliency: RNG can be locally derived, promoting energy resilience and fuel diversity.

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