Residential Garbage Collection in the Sebring - Highlands County area.

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Garbage Cart Guidelines

  • Please DO NOT set out any other containers than the one provided or extra bags.
  • The carts stay with the address. Do not take the cart when you move.
  • Do not permanently mark or deface carts.
  • Additional carts will cost $75.
  • Periodic cleaning is advised.
  • Each cart provided to you will be stamped with a serial number that is assigned specifically to your address with GPS delivery confirmation. We use that serial number to track your cart.
  • Items outside the cart will not be collected.
  • Carts should be set out prior to 6:00 am on your NEXT scheduled collection day.

Cart Placement Guidelines

  • Place all garbage carts for curbside collection a maximum of (5) feet away from street and a minimum of (4) feet away from other objects including: Mailboxes, Trees, Streetlights, Parked Cars, Other Recycling or Garbage Carts
  • Place garbage carts on a level surface and away from overhanging tree branches.
  • The cart lid should be closed and not be overflowing.
  • Carts should be set out no later than 6:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.

These items will not be collected

  • Solid Waste generated on commercial property or from industrial processes.
  • Land clearing debris, excavated fill and earthen material.
  • Yard waste generated by a commercial lawn care company, plant nursery or farming operations.
  • Roofing material generated, collected, and transported by a roofing company.
  • Construction and demolition debris.
  • Wrecked, scrapped, ruined or dismantled motor vehicles or motor vehicles parts including oil, tires, batteries.
  • Boats, boat motors and boat trailers.

Common Reasons for Missed Collections

  • Cart is not placed according to the set-out guidelines.
  • Cart is set-out for collection late.
  • Trash has been placed outside the cart or the cart is overflowing.
  • Cart contains unacceptable materials.

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