Grapple Truck Service in Fort Myers & Naples

We specialize in providing efficient and reliable grapple services to homeowners, contractors, and municipalities in the coastal region of Southwest Florida. Our expert team handles a wide range of tasks including site clearing, storm clean-up, and construction and demolition debris removal.

Waste Removal and Site Cleanup

What is Grapple Truck Service?

A grapple truck is a powerful and versatile vehicle equipped with a hydraulic arm and a claw, allowing it to pick up and remove large volumes of debris with ease. This service is ideal for lot clearing, storm debris removal, and job sites that accumulate large amounts of waste.

Services We Offer

  • Lot Clearing: Clear large areas quickly and efficiently
  • Debris Pickup: Storm debris or other yard waste
  • Construction & Demolition Waste Removal: non-hazardous C&D materials, including clean concrete and tile as well as roofing materials

Equipped with advanced machinery and a team of experienced professionals, we promise swift and effective service, making us your go-to partner in both Lee and Collier counties for heavy duty cleanup and removal.

Why Use a Grapple Truck?

Benefits of Grapple Truck Service

Grapple trucks are an invaluable tool for efficiently clearing large areas of debris, which saves both time and labor costs. They significantly enhance safety on the job site by reducing the need for manual handling of heavy or hazardous materials. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including the removal of yard waste, construction debris, and demolition materials.

Additionally, grapple trucks can access and remove debris from hard-to-reach areas, such as behind buildings or in densely wooded locations, ensuring a thorough cleanup. This makes them particularly useful for post-storm cleanups, construction site maintenance, lot clearing for new developments, and any situation requiring the rapid removal of bulk waste.

Remodeling debris
Appliances and furniture
Not accepted
Grapple Truck Service in Fort Myers-Naples

When to Use a Grapple Truck

As Fort Myers is known as the City of Palms, those hometown trees are often felled or damaged during hurricanes or need to be removed for construction and development. Grapple trucks are essential for efficiently clearing large debris areas, saving time and labor costs. They greatly enhance job site safety by minimizing the need for manual handling of heavy or hazardous materials.

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Post-Storm Cleanup
Effective in clearing fallen trees, branches, and other debris after a hurricane or tropical storm
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Construction Sites
Efficiently remove construction and demolition debris, keeping the job site clean and organized
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Lot Clearing
Perfect for clearing large lots for new construction or development
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Bulk Waste Removal
Ideal for situations where large volumes of waste need to be removed quickly