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Residential Services

Waste Connections Arizona Portable Toilet & Event Services

Event & Construction Toilet Rentals

Waste Connection of Arizona is widely recognized as the largest portable toilet and trash service provider in Arizona. We have built this success through customer service, clean-reliable equipment and the ability to combine multiple services into one package. One service provider - one invoice - simplifies planning and budgeting.

Event Toilets

The key to any successful event is not to overlook the small details, this includes your sanitation needs. Studies indicate that adequate and sanitary restroom facilities have a significant impact on attendance, more importantly profitably.

We understand the details. Waste Connections of Arizona Event Portable Toilets are designed with user comfort details. They're also maintained - prior, during and after - your event with great pride. We can tailor any event to meet your needs. One or hundreds. Let us help you with your next event.

Toilet Dimensions: 92.75 inches height x 46.5 inches width x 48.5 inches depth

Construction Toilets

For many contractors and developers, the productivity of their work force relies on adequate sanitation facilities. Waste Connections of Arizona's Construction Portable Toilets are designed to meet the unique specifications of the construction industry. They're rugged, durable and always maintained throughout the duration of your construction project.

Toilet Dimensions: 92.75 inches height x 46.5 inches width x 48.5 inches depth

ADA Restrooms

For customers, guests or employees that are disabled or make use of a wheelchair, Waste Connections of Arizona offers wheelchair-accessible portable toilets. These units are built to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for accessible design, and can accommodate a full-sized wheelchair without any discomfort to the user.

Toilet Dimensions: 90 inches height x 62.5 inches width x 88 inches depth

Luxury Restroom Suites

Portable Restroom Trailers are the perfect solution for any outdoor event or upscale gathering where comfort and versatility are required. Unlike portable restrooms, bathroom trailers offer a variety of features and amenities much like that of a home bathroom. This extra touch of comfort makes them quite appealing for event planners looking to leave a favorable impression with their guests.

Sanitizer Stations

When your special event requires additional sanitation help, Waste Connections of Arizona can provide you with extra hand sanitizer stations. Each of our Sani-Stations are equipped with the same hand sanitizer that is provided in all of our portable toilet units, but are free-standing and can be placed anywhere. We believe providing your guest with as many chances for sanitation to insure a safe and sanitary event.

The Sani-Station portable Hand Sanitizer Station provides up to four hand sanitizer dispensers on one station. All four mounted dispensers are placed at an ADA-approved level. Sani-Stations from Waste Connections of Arizona are great for all events and will accommodate up to 3,000 people each day of your event.

RideAlong Portable Hand Washing Station

Sanitation is a priority. All of our toilets are delivered and stocked with hand sanitizer. To continue safe hygiene, RideAlong Washing Sinks from Waste Connections Arizona are a great addition. These fully self-contained sinks include pre-filled fresh water and require a foot pump to activate water flow.

Since this unit is fully self-contained it does not require an on-site water source to fill. Our trained service technicians will charge your portable sink prior to delivery and disposes of the waste when your event is complete. Both soap and paper towels are always supplied.

250 Gallon Holding Tank

The 250 gallon holding tank collects waste discharge. Holding tanks are ideal for construction site office trailers, festivals, or for other bulk waste storage needs. The 250 gallon tank slides easily underneath a trailer where discharge isn't available.

Tank Dimensions:18 inches height x 48 inches width x 72 inches length

165 Gallon Holding Tank

Waste Connections' Fresh Water Holding Tanks are designed for easy water transportation around any event or construction site. Water is delivered on demand by an on-board electrical pump (165-gallon capacity tank).


Never leave your customers in the dark. Night time events are the Achilles Heel for portable toilets, light up your customer experience with Solar Lighting from Waste Connections of Arizona.

Pumping Services

Waste Connections of Arizona operates a diversified fleet of transport and support equipment to service the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on the fact that our equipment meets the highest standards for cleanliness, dependability and appearance. Our field technicians are high-quality, skilled and understanding when unforeseen needs or request are required.

Event and Construction Trash Services

Planning an event or maintaining a construction site typically requires a great deal of consideration and organization, which is regularly followed by excessive bookkeeping. Simplify your preparation and accounting. Waste Connections of Arizona offers one of the largest diverse inventories of waste service that's easily coupled with your event or construction sanitation needs. One vendor, one Invoice.

Heavy-duty Waste Requirements

Waste Connections of Arizona offers 7 yard frontload open-top dumpsters (limited service areas), in addition to 20, 30 and 40 yard roll-off containers, ideal receptacles for construction projects or large events.

On-Site Event Waste Collection

Simplify your event waste collection with 95 gallon rolling carts, a safer alternative to maintaining stationary steel-drum waste bins.

Reusable/Recyclable Cardboard Trash Boxes

If you are hosting an event, Waste Connections of Arizona Event Boxes are the perfect solution to your waste and recycling needs. They're reusable/recyclable cardboard trash boxes designed for use at gatherings like concerts, fairs, festivals, or outdoor HOA Community gatherings. The presence of Waste Connections of Arizona Event Boxes at your function ensures that trash ends up in a container, not on the ground.

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With our new WasteConnect ™ Mobile App you can:

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