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Meadowbranch Landfill Responsible Waste Diversion and Disposal

Ongoing Meadowbranch Landfill Updates

Next Meeting – June 2022:
Athens Regional Park - 2405 Decatur Pike, Athens, TN 37303

Prior Meeting Dates

May 18, 2022

March 24, 2022

December 16, 2021

Project and Operations Updates

• New landfill gas system well pumps installation as of ​ May 2022, 5 pumps.

• Horizontal gas well installation scheduled for June 2022.

• Cell construction to be completed by end of June 2022.

• New landfill gas system well pumps installation as of 4/29/2022, 8 pumps.

• New air/forcemain for landfill gas system wells is complete as of 4/27/2022.

• New flare blower motor installed 4/29/2022.

• April gas system tuning was completed as of 4/22/2022.

• Phase 2 (5 acres) expected by end of May 2022.

• Phase 1 (6 acres) of temp cap geosynthetics is complete as of 4/26/2022.

• Soil excavation and placement within temporary cap areas is complete, April 2021.

• Temporary Cap installation started on 4/18/2022. ​ Trenching in waste may be observed during the installation activities.

• Evaporator back online after regular maintenance shutdown at 10:20 pm on 3/28/2022. ​ Will be at minimum rates until 8 am, then increasing.

• Evaporator planned shutdown occurred at 4:00am on 3/28/2022

• Evaporator will be preforming a planned preventative maintenance shutdown on Monday 3/28/2022. Evaporation rates will be reduced started at 11:00pm on 3/27/2022 to get to minimum rates by 4:00am

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