Did you Receive a Green Tag Violation?

Carts must be 3 feet apart and 3 feet from objects.

Waste Connections Communities

Green Tag Violation

If you have more than the a than normal amount of household waste, bulk waste, or yard waste, contact us in advance and we can provide you with a quote for disposal or direct you to resources that can properly assist your disposal needs.

  • Recycling Contained Unrecyclable Items
    No not bag recycling! Items such as food, cloth, styrofoam, wood, grass clippings, rubber, hoses and electronics, are NOT recyclable. Place these items in your trash cart.
  • Exceeded Acceptable Amount of Trash
    Too much trash left outside of trash cart. We will return on your next collection day to dispose of more trash not previously collected. If you need the excess collected sooner contact us to get pricing and schedule a special pickup.
  • Tree Branches and Shrubs
    Must be placed in CLEAR INDIVIDUAL PILES measuring no larger than 3’x3’x3’. Must be bundled, tied, and less than 50 pounds.
  • Loose Wood
    Must be cut into lengthes no more than 4 feet bundled and tied in small piles weighing no more than 50 pounds.
  • Carpet
    Must be cut into 4 foot lengths bundled and tied.  Not more than 50 pounds.
  • Trash Cart or Bags Too Heavy
    Trash bags containing grass and mulch can be very heavy. 50 pounds is the maximum a bag can weigh.  Please ensure your cart is easily rolled off the curb.  Otherwise please unload content from your cart for disposal.
  • Hazardous Chemicals or Waste
    NEVER place hazardous chemicals or waste in your trash. Improperly disposing of chemicals is illegal.  This includes but not limited to Paint, Batteries, Pool Chlorine, Poisons, Acids, Fertilizer, Tires, Automotive Fluids, Oil, Gas, Cleaning Fluids, and Bleach.  You can be held responsible for equipment damage and or environmental clean up and impact.
  • Unacceptable Items
    Dirt, Bricks, Concrete, Rocks, Tile, Roofing, Tires.  Please remove these from your trash cart.  Call to get pricing and schedule a special pickup.