St. Louis Commercial Services

Waste Connections of Missouri provides customized plans for commercial trash and recycling collection throughout the Greater St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Acceptable and not acceptable items vary by location.  Please contact your local office for details.
Waste Connections of Missouri

Efficient Waste Services

Waste Connections of ​Missouri is here to help you in the best possible way from supplying small or large stationery dumpsters to mobile containers that can be easily re-positioned.

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    We would be happy to provide your company with a free waste audit to help optimize your waste output.
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Commercial Waste Materials

Some waste materials are not allowed in any Waste Connections of Missouri - St. Louis trash and recycling containers for safety, environmental and regulatory reasons.

Note: We are not licensed to haul hazardous waste.

Call 636-321-2100​ for a full list of prohibited items.

Commercial Mixed Materials

Many Greater St. Louis area businesses produce large amounts of trash that can easily be recycled. Scrap paper, old reports or file folders, catalogs, mail, phone books, empty cardboard boxes, certain packing materials, and even soda cans can all be collected in your office and saved for recycling.

Please Note: We cannot accept shredded paper for recycling.

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Recycle More, Save More

Increased recycling is not limited to just helping save the planet; it can save your company money, too.We can help your company recycle more waste and recycle more efficiently. Meet your company's sustainability goals with Waste Connections of Missouri.

Recyclable products are more common today than ever. Our programs and services make recycling ore convenient and worry-free for our customers in the Greater St. Louis area .

Waste Connections of Missouri

We Have the Right  Roll Off Construction Container for Your  Business

A construction roll-off container from Waste Connections of Missouri is a convenient, cost-efficient, safe and time-saving option whether you have a home remodel in Eureka or a large construction project in downtown Clayton.
Waste Connections of Missouri has a wide array of roll off containers for trash, recycling or yard waste. We're here to help you with solutions for your common or unique business needs requiring a roll off container/dumpster and or compactor throughout Metro St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Remodeling debris
Appliances and furniture
Not accepted
Waste Connections of Missouri

Maximize Your Efficiency With Waste Compactors

A Waste Connections of Missouri trash compactor unit can help you save space, reduce pickup frequency and reduce your waste collection costs. In fact, a compactor from Waste Connections of St. Louis Missouri can reduce your volume of waste by up to 80% with minimal handling, depending on the materials. That means a single unit can hold up to 400 cubic yards before compaction. That would take a pickup truck up to 200 trips to remove!