St. Louis County​Residential Services

Waste Connections of Missouri was awarded the five year contract with St Louis County on April 1, 2022 for Districts 1, 3, 4, and 8.

Acceptable and not acceptable items vary by location.  Please contact your local office for details.
S.t Louis Contracts

Guidelines for Residential Service

Residential Service in St. Louis

Basic Residential Service in St. Louis County Trash Districts 1,3,4 & 8

Trash pickup

Set up at 6 am
1 time a week
96 Gallon or 65 Gallon

Trash for seniors

Set up at 6 am
1 time a week
48 Gallon


Set up at 6 am
1 time a week
96 Gallon or 65 Gallon

Yard Waste

Set up at 6 am
1 time per Spring, Summer, Fall
Max of 10 Paper Bags (30 Gallon Each)

Bulky Pickup

Set up at 6 am
1 time a month
2 items per Pickup
Waste Connections Missouri Garbage Can Sizes

We Have the Right Can Size for You

St Louis County allows you to choose what size cart with wheels you want. Waste Connection of Missouri offers different cart sizes with wheels.

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We Make Recycling Easy

Meet your sustainability goals with Waste Connections of Missouri. We offer diversion and recycling services for a wide variety of materials, including cardboard, plastic, office paper, newsprint and more. Recyclable products are more common today than ever.  Our programs and services make recycling more convenient and worry-free for our customers in the St. Louis County area. We provide a single-stream residential recycling program (also known as "fully commingled" recycling), which means all recyclables are placed in one bin for convenient curbside pickup.

Please read the guidelines provided by St. Louis County.

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Yard Waste Pickup Solutions

As part of the basic service, residents can discard up to a maximum of 10 bags (32 gallon per bag) one time per spring, summer and fall. For an additional fee, you can subscribe to weekly yard waste services through Waste Connections. We offer yard waste carts or will pick up paper yard waste bags.The disposal of grass clippings, brush, and tree limbs measuring six (6) inches or less in diameter with your regular waste is prohibited.

Waste Connections St. Louis Bulk Pick Up Services

Handy Bulk Items Guidelines

Bulky items are large items like couches, chairs, household items, fixtures, wood etc. that will not fit in a residential waste container. The Waste Code requires a Minimum Level of Service (MLS) to include a minimum of two bulk item pickups per year.

Starting in April of 2022, waste haulers in Unincorporated Saint Louis County now provide monthly bulk pickups.

Please contact your trash service provider for size and weight restrictions, or to schedule a bulk item pickup or find out your bulk pickup day.

  • How to dispose of various kinds of waste
    Bulky waste and appliances, construction & demolition (C&D), electronics, hazardous, waste house clean-out, medications and sharps, railroad ties.
  • Special disposal
    For legal, safety and environmental reasons, certain materials require special disposal. ​ St. Louis County outlines how to dispose of various kinds of other wastes.