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Desoto County Recycling Request Form

Welcome, DeSoto County! Subscribe for Recycling services!

Customers must fill out the form below for Recycling - it is not automatic.

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Curbside Recycling Service will begin December 4th

Recycling Service: ​ $10 a month for each cart. ​ Cost of recycling services will be included on our quarterly garbage invoice

Recycle and Garbage collection is the same day

Acceptable Residential Recycling Items:
(Do not bag recycling items)
  • Plastics #1 and #2 only (translucent only – no color plastics)
  • Aluminum
  • Cans
  • Paper and Paperboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
Unacceptable Residential Recycling Items:
(Includes, but not limited to) ​
  • Glass
  • Pizza boxes
  • Wax-Coated Food Boxes
  • Hazardous Material
  • Liquid
  • Medical Waste
  • Motor Oil
  • Batteries
  • Gasoline
  • Paint
  • Rubber Tires

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