Glenwood Residential Services

We provide trash pick-up services to municipalities, single-family homes, individual subscription services and homeowner associations.

Acceptable and not acceptable items vary by location.  Please contact your local office for details.
Waste Connections of Iowa - Glenwood

Glenwood Residential Waste Collection Service

It is our goal to provide quality and cost-effective residential garbage collection to every customer we service. Our offerings across our network include:

  • Curbside service
    Automated and manual collection
  • Containers
    Container sizes from 30 gallon to 105 gallon
Waste Connections of Iowa - Glenwood Recycling

Simplified Recycling Solutions for a Cleaner Environment

We care about a cleaner environment and continue to are increase our efforts to make recycling in your area easier and more convenient. Our offerings across our network include:

Single or multiple-bin collection service.

Separated or combined recyclables collection programs.

Green waste recycling programs.

Recycle cardboard, newspaper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass container, and electronics.

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Yard Waste Pickup Service

Keeping your home free of yard debris is essential for any homeowner. Yard waste removal also has a positive impact on the environment. Waste Connections offers yard waste pickup for our local communities.

When Waste Connections of Iowa - Glenwood picks up your organic waste, we’re able to improve the environment in the towns and cities we serve. In fact, we compost your yard debris and use it to enrich the soil. Get started with yard waste removal today.

Call us or fill out our request a yard waste removal quote form to speak with one of our professionals.

Waste Connections of Iowa - Glenwood Roll Off Dumpster Service

The Right Roll Off Solution for Any Home Project

The Waste Connections of Iowa - Glenwood residential dumpster rental service has the right size container for any project. We’ll bring the dumpster to you and pick it up once you’re done. Call us​ or fill out our Residential Dumpster Rental Request Quote to speak with one of our professionals about a dumpster for rent.

You don’t have to be a contractor to benefit from a dumpster rental.

  • Placement
    Roll-Offs should not be placed under power lines; doing so puts Waste Connections vehicles and waste collection specialists in unnecessary danger.
  • Overload
    To ensure you receive prompt and accurate roll-off service, it is vital that you DO NOT overload your roll-off container.
  • Toxic items
    No toxic or hazardous liquids and/or flammable items are allowed in your roll-off container.