Garbage Landfills

The responsible management of our landfills are critical to both our health and well-being and the health of our environment. We ensure safe, responsible and eco-friendly waste disposal by adhering to strict regulations, contributing significantly to conservation efforts and fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

Acceptable and not acceptable items vary by location.  Please contact your local office for details.
Waste Connections' Environmental Responsibility

Waste Connections' Sustainable Landfills

Each Waste Connections landfill is engineered and managed to protect the environment and responsibly serve our local communities. Our sites are strategically located in geographically-designated safe areas. We often enhance the surrounding areas by creating wetlands and public trails.

Reduce our carbon footprint

Our landfill sites help reduce our carbon footprint and our reliance on fossil fuels. We harvest methane gas - a clean burning fossil fuel alternative - at some of our sites as a renewable source of energy. This methane gas powers homes and businesses in our communities, as well as some of the trucks that pick up your garbage.

Keeping groundwater safe

We closely monitor the groundwater to make sure there is no contamination. A composite liner at Waste Transfer Station Facilities protects the groundwater from leachate – a material formed by containing contaminants picked up through the leaching of soil.

Waste Connections Locations

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    Waste Transfer Station Facilities

    Waste transfer stations are facilities where municipal solid waste is temporarily unloaded from collection vehicles. It is then briefly held before being reloaded onto larger, long-distance transport vehicles for transportation to landfills or other treatment or disposal facilities.

    Public and Commercial Garbage Dump

    Our garbage landfill sites can take care of your solid waste - no matter your needs. Whether you have a spring cleaning project or have commercial needs Waste Connections has the facilities, the experts and the professional services to help you dispose of your waste safely and responsibly.

    Sustainability at Waste Connections

    Sustainable Solutions for a Cleaner World

    Waste Connections is committed to environmental stewardship. We recognize the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment and keeping your community as safe and healthy as possible. We are committed to creating a thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient community for all of us today and for our future generations.

    Waste Connections Services

    Check Out Our Landfill and Transfer Station Services

    We work with businesses of all sizes and all industries across the United States and Canada to help you decide which waste management services, collections, and recycling services best fit your needs. Check out our services below.