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We Keep Fremont, Nebraska Clean

Waste management solutions, recycling and dumpster rental services tailored to your needs.

Business Waste Management Services

  • All business sizes
  • Restaurants, retail shops, manufacturing, etc.
  • Property management, multifamily and HOA

Solid waste



2 Yard

3 Yard

4 Yard

6 Yard

8 Yard

Residential Garbage Pickup

  • Single family homes



Yard Waste

65 Gallon

34 Gallon

96 Gallon

Roll-Off Bin Rentals

Rent a temporary dumpster for your home or business.

These rentals are great for all sorts of projects:

  • Remodels
  • Construction
  • Cleanouts
  • Industrial

Talk to one of our experts to see our current specials and receive an instant quote tailored to your specific needs.

15 Yard

20 Yard

30 Yard

40 Yard

B. Neil

Awesome company to work with! We already have several locations with them (and continually look to add more) and we never have to worry about service issues or missed pickups.

D. Yokovich

I have been using Wast Connection for over 5 years. ​ I am very pleased with their service and responsiveness. ​ My Account Manager Linda has helped us reconfigure our plan as our needs have changed. They really appreciate our business.

A. Smith

Great company, we haven't experienced anything negative regarding pickup and they've never left a mess unlike other companies. Tammy Ha is terrific at handling any concerns immediately and is always friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much.

S. Brasher

We have used Waste Connections for years and are very happy with their service. ​ Jim Shade is our account manager. ​ He is very helpful. ​ Highly recommend!

Waste Connections Nebraska - Fremont

Waste Connections - Fremont is proud to serve the businesses and residents of Fremont and surrounding communities:

Abie, Craig, Ithaca, North Bend, Scribner, Ames, David City, Leshara, Oakland, Snyder, Arlington, Dodge, Linwood, Prague, Tekamah, Bruno, Cedar Bluffs, Clarkson, Colon, Columbus, Fremont, Herman, Hooper, Howells, Lyons, Malmo, Mead, Morse Bluff, Nickerson, Richland, Rising City, Rogers, Schuyler, Uehling, Wahoo, Weston, Winslow and Yutan.

We provide safe, reliable, environmentally conscious commercial and construction trash service, residential waste removal service, and roll off dumpster service. Locally operated, we value the people, environment and relationships we share in the community.


Looking for Work?

We have openings for Drivers, Mechanics, ​ Customer Service and Helpers. At Waste Connections we’re proud to be a different kind of company with a different kind of culture.

Dumpster Rentals

Types of Dumpster Rentals

Waste Connections offers a variety of dumpster rentals for any type of project or business need:

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Sizes: 15 Yard, 20 Yard, 30 Yard, 40 YARD
  • Make the job easier for yourself and your employees.
  • Reduce your reliance on the landfill.
  • Keep worksite garbage hazards in one place.
  • For any project from roofing and construction to spring-cleaning and demolition.

Commercial Dumpsters

Sizes: 2 yard, 3 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard, 8 Yard
  • Rent a commercial dumpster for your business and let Waste Connections do the garbage pickup.
  • No matter your business size, we can find a commercial dumpster rental that is right for you.
  • Cut down on the number of dumpsters you’ll need.

Trash Compactors

Sizes: Commercial and Industrial
  • For large businesses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, or businesses with bulky refuse.
  • Compress your waste, which reduces the number of garbage pickups, saving you money.
  • Waste Connections rents, sells, and services trash compactors

Commercial Dumpster Rental Approximate Sizes & Capacities


Holds:​ 20 Large Bags

Dimensions: 6' L x 3' W x 3' H

Best Use:​ The perfect size for small restaurants and companies with up to 25 employees.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 30 Large Bags

Dimensions: 6' L x 4' W x 4' H

Best Use:​ Ideal for businesses with up to 50 employees.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 40 Large Bags

Dimensions: 6' L x 4' W x 5' H

Best Use:​ Best for midsize restaurants and companies with up to 100 employees.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 60 Large Bags

Dimensions: 6'6" L x 5' W x 6' H

Best Use:​ Ideal for mid to large businesses with up to 250 employees.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 80 Large Bags

Dimensions: 6' L x 5'6" W x 6'8" H

Best Use:​ Best for large businesses with up to 500 employees.

​ More Details

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Approximate Sizes & Capacities


Holds:​ 120 Large Bags

Dimensions:​ 10'0"L x 8'0"W x 3'5"H

Best Use: Heavy materials like concrete, asphalt and dirt.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 150 Large Bags

Dimensions:​ 10'0"L x 7'11"W x 4'7"H

Best Use: Heavy materials like concrete, asphalt and dirt.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 200 Large Bags

Dimensions: 21'11"L x 7'0"W x 3'6"H

Best Use:​ Ideal for heavy-debris home clean-outs and remodeling cleanup.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 300 Large Bags

Dimensions:​ 21'11"L x 7'0"W x 5'2"H

Best Use: Ideal for office or large home renovation projects or junk removal.

​ More Details


Holds:​ 400 Large Bags

Dimensions:​ 21'11"L x 7'0"W x 7'0"H

Best Use: Ideal for large construction and remodeling projects.

​ More Details

Dumpster Rental

Need a dumpster for Home or Business?

Commercial Services

Waste Connections commercial waste collection provides your business with a range of containers and service schedules for your garbage pickup needs.

Residential Services

Trash service includes one 96 gallon trash cart picked up weekly or every other week. We will pickup most household trash that will fit inside this container. For residents in rural areas options may also include a 2 yard metal dumpster picked up every other week. We do offer pull out service for the handicapped or elderly.

When setting up new service mention you saw this on our website and we will give you a free month of service on residential cart services.

Items we will not pick up include: paints, solvents, motor oils, antifreeze, car batteries, tires, appliances

We ask that all items be at the curb by 5:30 AM on your pick up day and placed away from mailboxes, cars, fences, light poles, etc. Please try to place all garbage into the provided trash cart. We will pickup additional material, for an additional charge, as long as it is bundled or bagged and will fit inside the container. For your convenience, additional 96 gallon carts are available for an additional fee.

Branches and brush are considered trash and must be cut into 4 foot lengths, tied in bundles 3 feet in circumference and placed beside the trash cart. For an additional fee, we will pick up bulky items such as furniture, carpet, etc. Please call our office to schedule a pick up. The standard price for trash service is dependent upon the service area.

Residential Recycling

Acceptable Recycling Items

Items We Recycle
  • Aluminum cans, pie plates and foil (clean)
  • Aerosol cans and paint cans (MUST be empty)
  • Tin
  • Paper (newspapers, catalogs, office paper, junk mail, magazines, envelopes, empty chipboard such as cereal and juice boxes)
  • Cardboard (broken down and flattened to a size of 2 X 2 ft)
  • Plastics #1 - #7 (examples - pop bottles, detergent bottles, bleach bottles, and food plastic cartons)
  • Shredded paper
  • Please rinse out all food and beverage container.
  • Please no plastic bags or glass in your recycling canister.
Items We Do Not Take
  • Styrofoam
  • Rubber bands
  • Soiled paper (like pizza boxes)
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper towels
  • Wax-coated paper
  • Window glass or mirrors
  • Plastic bags
  • Glass

Recycling Collection

The schedule of your pickup is sent when your container is delivered. You will be assigned either a Red week or a Blue week. If you are not certain what your week is, please contact our office for assistance. Place recyclables directly into your container.

No separating required

Aluminum and Tin

Rinse out all food and beverage containers. We now accept formed aluminum containers (example: disposable pie plates). We also accept clean aluminum foil/tin cans and aluminum cans.

Aerosol cans and paint cans

These cans MUST be empty, (example hairspray and deodorant). Paint cans MUST have paint removed.


Place in the bins, newspaper (including advertising supplements), magazines, brown grocery bags, telephone books, catalog, office paper, junk mail, envelopes (any type). We accept empty chipboard (example: cereal boxes)/ wet strength carrier stock (example: 12 pack beverage boxes), frozen food packages (example: TV dinner boxes) and juice boxes.


Clean corrugated cardboard boxes or shipping boxes, break down or cut so they are flat and no longer than 2x2 ft.


At this time we collect 1 thru 7 plastic containers. To recognize these please look at the bottom of the container for the recycling symbol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Rinse and place in bin. (Examples: pop bottles, milk bottles, detergent bottles, bleach bottles, butter tubs, sour cream cartons, dip containers).

Landfill and Transfer Station

Waste Connections Landfill and Transfer Station Services

Special Waste

Waste Connections Accepts Special Waste at Many Locations

Start Service

Start Your Waste Connections Garbage Pickup or Dumpster Rental Today

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What Can I Recycle?

Disposal/Recycle Guide

Commercial waste recycling reduces reliance on landfills. When your business recycles, you’re saving the energy needed to reproduce these same materials.

  • Beverage bottles
  • Jugs
  • Jars
  • Food containers


  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Office paper


  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Steel bottles


Join Our Team

Employment Opportunities

We have numerous opportunities for individuals who want to work in a growth industry with outstanding benefits.

About Waste Connections

Why Choose Waste Connections

Waste Connections is one of the largest full-service provider of solid waste collection, providing non-hazardous solid waste collection, recycling and landfill disposal services to commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers. Waste Connections (TSX/NYSE) is the third largest solid waste management company in North America with a network of operations in 43 states and 6 provinces.

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